We had Roger Greenleaf, Advanced Comp’s Safety Coordinator, out today for forklift certification. The program Roger presented was very interesting and informative. This is the first time we have used your services for safety training and we were very impressed with Roger. We are looking forward to having him back for more training.

By: Tom Towner
Estimator, JN Electric of Tampa Bay, Inc.

The Advanced Comp folks came out and said that they could get us hidden money if they did an audit of our Workers Comp. Well guess what…they did…several thousand dollars. Fielding and his folks are very knowledgeable and seasoned at what they do.

By: Chuck Simikian
HR Director, Nickelodeon Suites Resort

It is with great pleasure to provide my testimonial on behalf of Advanced Comp. ASI Building Products has been associated with Advance Comp for 2 years and their customer service has been excellent. Their staffs are mature in all aspects of self-discipline, self-esteem and their desires to excel. They are open, friendly, authentic, and professional. I am impressed with their organizational abilities which they demonstrate through their interpersonal skills, customer service, commitment and dedication in meeting and exceeding our company requirements and expectations.
By: Ervin Rodriguez
V.P. of Human Resources, Tampa, Florida

I would like to commend the entire Advanced Comp staff for their outstanding level of service over the years. They have always been responsive to our needs, and provide us with a comfort level, so that we can focus on running our business.
By: Tim Lawing
FECC, Inc., Orlando, FL

I could not ask for a better agent; the people are wonderful and service is fabulous!! Thank you so very much.
By: Mary Beth Williams
Orlando Rock

We are approaching the end of our first year with Advanced Comp. In that time, they did exactly what they said they would do. Our injury rate is down, our premiums are down, and we are much happier with our new carrier. Beyond that, they helped us find better software to track claims so we are more organized and now able to easily trend data over time.
By: Tony Swicer
Risk Manager and Compliance Officer, Medics Ambulance Service, Inc.

We have been with Advanced Comp for a year and they have followed through with everything they promised. The staff at Advanced Comp are seasoned, personable and knowledgable in our construction industry.
By: Lisa Judge
Human Resource Administrator, Largo, Florida

I would like to commend Mr. Roger Greenleaf, Advanced Comp’s Safety Director, for an outstanding job in providing Hazardous Communication and Asbestos Awareness training to the staff at Larkin Community Hospital on June 18th. We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to working with Mr. Greenleaf in the future to help us improve on our Health and Safety Program.
By: Manuel Fernandez, D.H.Sc., RN, CPHQ
Vice President of Quality, Safety, and Education, Larkin Community Hospital

Advanced Comp recovered a total of $89,600 of premium for us.
By: Marti Schmidt
Florida Glass of Tampa Bay, Inc.

We received a year end audit invoice totaling $33,191 for our 2006 policy and we were on a monthly self audit pay plan. The revised invoice totaled $4,066 after Advanced Comp performed a re-audit for us. Advanced Comp saved us $29,000 in premium.
By: Kate Billings
Accuform Manufacturing, Inc.