Claims Management

Advanced Comp provides immediate and ongoing claims management assistance on every claim.  We are your advisor and advocate.  We make sure all the parties involved in the claim are working proactively and communicating regularly to keep the cost as low as possible.

Our board certified, licensed Adjuster, has over 20 years experience with workers' comp and assist our clients through the claims process from start to finish.

Our Claims Management includes:

  • Early Intervention Program
  • Action Plans
  • Monthly Monitoring With Reports
  • Face to Face Employer Representation
  • Provider Carve Outs Based on Protocols
  • Customized Transitional Duty Program

Our Medical Management includes:

  • Medical Bill Reviews
  • Provider Selection

Posting Requirements

The "Broken Arm Poster" and the "Anti-Fraud Notice" should be posted in a conspicuous place. Each poster should include the name of your workers' compensation carrier and where to call to report an accident or injury.